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Trends which will decide the future of mobile application development

mobile application development

Trends which will decide the future of mobile application development

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As we are seeing billions of new Smartphone’s are being launched and billions of mobile applications are being downloaded per year so the mobile application development is innovative and actively growing sector. Advancement in mobile technologies is changing the approach of mobile apps design and development.  The most of mobile app market is dominated by the Google apps, social media apps and gaming apps and these giant companies are using the mobile apps for branding, improving customer engagement, direct marketing etc. Midsize and small businesses are also following these trends and an effective mobile strategy.

Below are the some trends which will decide the future of mobile application development

1. Cross-platform and Cross-device Development

When it comes to mobile platforms, we have a tendency to take into account the iOS, Android and windows mobile platforms. Whilst iOS maintains its firm grip on the high-end market with no signs of holding go of their premium position, robot seeks world domination through devices accessible at lower price-points. Windows Mobile, though growing, isn’t growing enough. We’ve reached an evident stalemate within the platform wars. It doesn’t seem like there’ll be a replacement rival speeding within the close to way forward for mobile app development.

Creating apps that employment simply on multiple platforms and devices is presently a pain which will not be allowed to persist. Though there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to mobile app development, we’ll be seeing an increase in cross-platform mobile development tools. As HTML5 evolves and matures, the long run of mobile app development also will create larger use of it to create hybrid mobile apps that employment well across completely different platforms and devices.

2. New wearable mobile gadgets

As the report of International Data Corporation (IDC) worldwide periodical Wearable Device Tracker estimates that 72.1 million wearable devices has been shipped in 2015, up a strong 173.3 percent from the 26.4 million units shipped in 2014. These gadgets can communicate with mobile applications to deliver data in new ways in which and modify a large vary of merchandise and services in areas like sport, fitness, fashion, hobbies and health care. Thus, wearable devices connected with Smartphone’s can influence future generation of mobile application development strategies.

3. Mobile App Development for the Internet of things (IoT)

The future of mobile app development isn’t merely concerning our mobile phones and tablets any longer. We’re heading right into Associate in nursing era of cloud computing powering Smart-Everything from LED light bulbs, toys, domestic appliances, sports equipment, medical devices to controllable power sockets.

A research revealed in earlier this year on the state of mobile app development reveals that regarding 53% of mobile developers area unit acting on IoT projects, with most of them doing thus as a hobby or aspect project. Mobile developers trying to catch Associate in nursing early ride on this future wave into the long run of mobile app development ought to positively look at Internet of Things projects.

4. Mobile e-Commerce

According to a survey, 27% of retail e-commerce sales in 2015 were made on a Smartphone or tablet. Various industry experts believes that this positive trend will continue over the next 4 years as more and more customers adapt to Mobile e-commerce. This will need developers to make a mobile application that can complete the transactions without any physical debit/credit cards or money. On the other hand information assortment and prophetic analytics, wearables gadgets also will play a key role within the way forward for mobile payments and client loyalty.

5. Innovative and rich design for better user experience

Effective presentation of data and content on your mobile user interface is important for a sound user experience. Designers also are making apps that may accommodate mobile challenges, like partial user attention and interruption. Apps ought to exploit technologies with novel options like interactive content layers, circular style pattern, cards and manipulation of content.

6. New tools for developers

The future of mobile app development can specialize in shortening the life cycles of production. This goes hand in hand with the increase of third-party tools that area unit meant to scale back the tedious work truly performed by mobile developers these days.

With tens of thousands of apps being free once a year, the mobile app business becomes a race against the clock. Better app concepts need to be accomplished earlier instead of later for worry of another challenger filling up the market gap before you get there


Mobile technologies are growing at the speed of light, and that we cannot deny that mobile applications became an integral component of the digital scheme. The talents needed in building shopper apps square measure in larger demand than ever currently compelling businesses to require quality seriously. Businesses ought to keep a watch on these trends to align their mobile application development ways.

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