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Understanding the Significance of Test Automation

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Understanding the Significance of Test Automation

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What it is & Why you should go for it


With the massive number of web based applications flooding the developer market, it is pertinent for software projects to be examined thoroughly for seamless functionality and to be tested for regression efficiently. There has been a lot of confusion on the subject of ‘Test Automation’, let us get down to clearing the air around it.


What is Test Automation anyway?


In layman terms it means, extending the reach of testers. And in complicated terms, as per Wikipedia, it implies the usage of special software (separate from the software being tested) to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes.


Test Automation is not exactly new, but the idea of the ‘tester’ is. Go back decades and you will find that a dedicated profile of a tester didn’t exist, but as times changed and complex softwares started taking shape the concept of a dedicated software tester became the fad. And testing softwares became a standalone discipline like programming.


So, Test Automation is nothing but the application of tools to testing and having these tools doesn’t downplay the role of a trained tester. Giving your ‘Testing Engineer’ the best of tools and hoping for the best will not yield the results and quality levels you want unless you systematically train your testers’ minds.


To save time and for effective utilization of resources,  Test Automation is indeed the best way to reach your testing goals. Remember, it is a mean to quality testing, not an end in itself.


When should you go for Automation of Testing?


Under these scenarios should you opt for Automated Testing instead of Manual:


    1. In Load & Performance Testing – when no viable or feasible manual alternative exists


    1. Under Smoke Testing – when a decision on go or no-go has to be taken for deeper testing of the build quality, for its quick and high-level assessment


    1. For Regression Testing – when new versions of the app need to carry the pre-existing application functions, those need re-testing


    1. Under Data Drive Testing – for testing those application functions that need to be verified with loads of different inputs and large data like sign-in or search


  1. Under Static Testing – for testing tasks that are repetitive and go largely unchanged from one cycle of testing to another



What tools to go for when you decide on Automated Software Testing?



Significance & Benefits:


    1. Saves plenty of time especially when performing regression testing


    1. Allows early bug detection


    1. Improves the quality of manual test scripts


    1. It allows the test scripts prepared using automation tools to be used for future requirements


    1. Doesn’t need a human presence to perform tests, just schedule it and leave for the day. The next day when you are at desk, you will have the complete test results


    1. Automated Testing comes with distributed test execution. Test scripts can be easily executed  on more than one computer on a shared network or server simultaneously


    1. You can track each and every test script


    1. The test coverage is a lot better


    1. They match future testing specifications


    1. Fast, easy, efficient and accurate tests save time and cost and thus improve the RoI

Automation Process


To conclude just keep in mind that Test Automation is only an extension and not a replacement of human thinking. Automation of tests will give you the desired result when your tester will simultaneously keep observing and evaluating the product. So plan and choose effectively.
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