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How to Use Push Notifications to Reduce App Churn


How to Use Push Notifications to Reduce App Churn

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Firms creating or marketing mobile apps tend to give more weightage to acquiring new customers as compared to retaining those that are already existing as users which leads to ‘churn’, the abandoning, uninstalling of the mobile application. The focus has to be on the retention rate, else the user base is only going to diminish.


This is where mobile push marketing comes in, it helps you grow your app base and reduces churn. Push notifications can really change the way users perceive your app. Here are some strategies to see you through a competitive app market via push notifications. Begin with bringing in more users to opt-in for push notifications to further engage, encourage and re-engage inactive and active users.


Once your app’s user base opts in for the push notifications, you have established a direct communication route to target them with contextual and relevant messages. Here are some ways to go about them:


  1. Pick Quality over Quantity

Every time you send notifications to your user base, make it worthwhile because it’s not the number of times you send but the value those notifications bring that counts. If you send too many alerts, you risk annoying your users and driving them to uninstall the application.


  1. Group your users

Based on your app analytics, insights, user behaviour and level of engagement, segment your users and then send them notifications with context. Past preferences combined with relevant content shall lead to increased engagement and activity.


  1. Customize user notifications

Personalise the content of your notifications based on the user’s past preferences to drive engagement rates. Giving users what they want is key to make the most of user analytics for achieving desired results.


  1. Spring up user engagement

To prompt inactive users into action and regular engagement push notifications can be of great help. Sending offers, incentives and live updates regarding the product/service via in-app marketing campaigns triggers engagement. Tracking engagement metrics on grounds of location, device and purchase frequency will give you a clear picture of app performance.


  1. Tell your users you missed them

When your most active app users turn inactive or slip into an engagement lull or skip your app for a different one, don’t fret, you can still show them your app’s potential by sending a personalized notification/message saying you miss them coupled with reasons (new features, design, etc) to come and re-check the app.


Hopefully, the above five strategies will help you chart your mobile push marketing in a better format. Consagous offers niche digital marketing strategies to amp your app reach increase its user base.

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