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Wanna make next Uber ? How much it will take ?

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Wanna make next Uber ? How much it will take ?

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How much will it cost to develop an Mobile Application like Uber ? we often come across this question with some variation about ten times each day. the answer always is – It depends!
Uber’s business model has given rise to a large range of On-Demand Platforms being adapted. They’re being positioned as unquiet forces tapping the demand and provide trends we are seeing everywhere the planet. several entrenched business value chains stand to be disrupted. The Internet nature and involvement of multiple stakeholders build these platforms tough to design, master and scale.Entrepreneurs and enterprises trying to create one thing similar – adapted to totally different verticals usually find this analogy easiest to articulate and therefore the genesis of the question.  There are many variables related to planning to an accurate estimate. Let’s have a quick inspect these variables to grasp what goes into coming up with an Uber for X platform.

Evolution of On-Demand Platforms

When we talk about an app kind of like Uber, it’s useful to keep the overall evolutionary framework related to all startups in mind. it’s a fact that all business apps like or unlike Uber need to go through the four stages mentioned below. however the actual fact that most On Demand platforms are related to network effects/playbook evolution/solving etc. the case for a transparent understanding of these stages is far more important. Question then becomes are we wanting to validate the business model that’s doing but one thousand transactions each day or are we talking a couple of system that has already scaled to multiple geographies built on top of a extremely optimized logistics framework.

How much it will cost to Develop an Service On Demand App Like UBER

In 2016 it should be clear that the value of developing an app like Uber depends on various factors. however here’s a shot at the estimate. Building an participant for an On Demand Platform involves making web/mobile interfaces for each offer and demand. add to this the fact that native experiences are the expected norm leading to parallel development efforts if we chose to make both for iOS and android. the other necessary part is the nerve center/admin panel that doubles up as a CRM and a Dashboard to manage a number of the important operations. Everything is glued along by the Apis that operate on top of central databases and management logic – part of the backend framework that runs on cloud.

Assuming the platform is scalable and is ready to handle 500-1000 transactions every day quickly we are viewing an upwards of $100k-$300k effort for an initial MVP.

1. Variety of stakeholders
2. Variety of platforms that are a part of the initial launch
3. Complexities in the business model
4. Geography/ Region out of which your development team operates or engineers the product. Per hour rates vary from $20 -$60 (parts of India/Eastern Europe/South East Asia) to $80 -$150 (parts of Western Europe/US)


The engagement processes have evolved over more than five years of distributed development. all in all the costs for an MVP whereas taking the Juggernaut approach can be as low as USD 40k to USD 80k. however more than the advantage the larger value proposition that we bring round the table is experience drawn from doing over 50+ On Demand Platform in several geographies and domains.

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