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What’s Next in Application Development ? The Outlook on Virtual Reality in 2016

Application Development Virtual Reality

What’s Next in Application Development ? The Outlook on Virtual Reality in 2016

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Virtual reality is arguably the foremost vital technology to keep your eye on in 2016. while there has been excitement encompassing it for a few time, the publicity is quickly becoming…well, reality.


Early-to-market product were discharged by Google (Google Cardboard) and Samsung (Gear VR) in 2014 and late last year, severally. a lot of recently, huge waves were created by the release of The oculus Rift on Monday – the primary of a a lot of powerful line of consumer-targeted VR headsets which can shortly be followed by the release of HTC’s Vive and Sony’s Playstation VR. even more, while worth points are still quite high for the typical client,  Deloitte has expected that VR can have its 1st billion dollar year in 2016.
So, while the VR market is comparatively emerging, flourish potential are a few things that firms need to take stock of. during this post, we’re aiming to verify the most important business players; potential applications; and what corporations reckoning breaking into the space need to consider.



The Key Players

Virtual reality has already broken into the buyer market, with a lot of product slated for release later this year. because it stands, the foremost important market players include:



Oculus Rift (Facebook)

  • Release Date: March 28, 2016
  • Price: 599 USD
  • Additional needed hardware: Windows gaming computer in 1000-2000 USD vary
  • Oculus touch controllers sold-out individually later this year



HTC Vive

  • Release Date: may 2016
  • Price: 799 USD
  • Additional needed hardware: Windows gaming computer in 1000-2000 USD vary



Sony PlayStation VR

  • Release Date: Oct, 2016
  • Price: 399 USD
  • Additional needed hardware: PlayStation four, PlayStation Eye Camera
  • Launch Bundle includes controllers and Eye Camera (499 USD)



Samsung Gear VR

  • Release Date: Nov 27, 2015
  • Price: 99 USD
  • Additional needed hardware: Galaxy Note five , Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge



Google Cardboard

  • demonstration Date: june 2014
  • Price: ~20 USD
  • extra needed hardware: Any compatible android phone




While virtual reality has been primarily related to gaming, because the technology becomes a lot of prevailing we are probably to visualize much more applications.


Sean Jacobsohn, writing for TechCrunch, recently expressed “while most of the people are excited regarding victimisation VR headsets for immersive recreation and gaming experiences, a wholly separate audience is busy building the longer term of business with the same technology — the enterprise.”


This isn’t entirely shocking, as there are variety of industries that VR might potentially remodel. the subsequent are either already starting to explore the probabilities or are slated to greatly benefit from what VR has to provide.




Immersive recreation experiences are, like gambling, one of the applications for VR that’s seen as inevitable. Movies and tv that immerse viewers inside their worlds might become subsequent massive move for the business, and already being experimented with. However, there are still challenges encompassing the technology and production, also audience appetite for such experiences.




Possibilities for retail are far ranging, and already brands just like the North Face and Tommy Hilfiger are leverage actual reality. And, in an era where “experiential retail” is turning into massively vital, there are many ways they will enhance the way customers move, navigate, and shop inside brick-and-mortar locations.


A a lot of vital question that will become prime of mind once VR sets are simply accessible for customers considerations however retailers will use the technology to make virtual searching experiences customers will access via their own VR headsets. Immersive virtual stores are an exciting risk, tho’ it’s still early to predict their viability.



Real Estate

In the same method that virtual stores will work for retailers, virtual property showings will work for property. In fact, corporations like floored, Inc. have already created this a prospect. client applications of this idea also are a prospect, but again, it’s viability can depend on factors like client VR adoption.



Healthcare & Medicine

The health care business isn’t any newcomer to simulators and medical headsets, however the increase of way more cost-effective hardware can likely build these same applications much more widespread and accessible. VR is being employed already for coaching functions, however there are a variety of prospects in patient care, education, and more.




Like film, there’s lots that artists and designers will be ready to accomplish with virtual reality. Already, there’s proof that VR will produce a special medium, or rework existing ones. inspect animator valley Keane drawing via the HTC Vive below.



Breaking Into VR: Things to Consider

Virtual reality has a lot of potential, however firms who are building methods to enter the market requirement to tackle sure queries before moving forward.



Is It Viable For Your Business?

There is usually a drive to leap on new technologies, however getting in VR because it’s the newest and greatest is short-sighted. firms requirement to check out whether it is sensible for their business, a lots of which can depend upon the business. can it add worth, either operationally or for customers? can it help drive business or enhance experiences? virtual reality ought to be evaluated with a similar rigour applied to alternative investments or areas of enlargement.



Is It the correct Time To Enter The Market?

What will your VR strategy entail? If customers and users are returning to you – as an example, you’re providing a virtual expertise in-store – you don’t have to rely on client hardware adoption. For applications that need customers own the hardware, the market continues to be quite tiny and also the method users can use the device/what quite content they need is still being explored.



What Platform will You Build For?

It’s as well necessary to raise questions on what the application/content can entail in order to choose that is the right answer to develop for. Since Google Cardboard and gear VR have a cheaper price purpose and don’t need expensive  extra hardware like oculus Rift or Vive, they’re probably to be a lot of common among customers. an equivalent can be said for PlayStation VR because of the actual fact that such a lot of customers already own the required additional hardware (PlayStation 4).



The virtual reality market remains in its infancy, and naturally there are more unknowns – client adoption, demand for content, business applications, etc. That said,such a lot of big players coming into the milieu and the potential uses for thus immense, the outlook is promising. We’re excited to check what happens because the year goes on, significantly with new product being discharged and content creators developing new virtual reality experiences.

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